IOMES Group experts drive your plant to reach higher performance under all indicators. Operations and maintenance are crucial to sustainable, competitive growth of modern heavy industry installations.
IOMES Group teams go hand-in-hand with the plant personnel to show what the real plant capabilities are, at the same time to train the personnel to achieve the same result. Benefits at your fingertips from your partner for heavy industry services.

Key profit drivers our experts enable you to achieve

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Average cost reduction
(calculated on the completed cost reduction projects participated by IOMES Group experts in the last 5 years)
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Throughput increase
(average value resulting from a large pool of similar optimization projects in the heavy industry in Asia in the last 10 years)
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Personnel productivity
increase by deploying teams of experts as compared to independent freelancers (average value calculated on a group of size-comparable industrial operations in Asia in the last 7 years)

What Heavy Industries we are in

IOMES Group is based in Asia to serve the large pool of growing economies and in the following industries:

Industry 4.0 solutions

Steel (long products, flat products) and non-ferrous metals: IOMES Group expertise suite covers smelting, iron- and steelmaking, continuous casting, hot and cold rolling, finishing processes operating models and training. Featuring Industry 4.0 solution, Industrial IoT.


Thanks to the strategic co-operation, IOMES Group can provide O&M solutions in cement and mining industries. The final product enhancement is the result of detail geological analysis, quarry exploitation planning and cement factory operation.


Solutions for O&M outsourcing for municipal and industrial water treatment plants: sewage, power generation, heavy industry installations. Featuring Industry 4.0 solutions.


IOMES Group co-founders have been in the Asian growing heavy industries for more than 25 years, acquiring knowledge about: business development, market opportunities, projects implementation, engineering and manufacturing outsourcing, operations management.

IOMES Group O&M solutions for metals industry

O&M solutions for cement and mining industries

Teamnetwork S.r.l. plus IOMES Group can provide answers for engineering, quarries and mining management, logistics, plants, services and maintenance. Thanks to their co-operation, Teamnetwork is doing business in the regions where IOMES Group is present.

O&M solutions for water treatment plants

About us

IOMES Group experts drive your plant to achieve better performance under all indicators. We understand how operations and maintenance are crucial to sustaining competitive growth for modern heavy industry installations. IOMES Group teams work hand-in-hand with plant personnel to achieve optimum plant performance, and train them at the same time to bring out their true potential.
IOMES Group provides expert services to maximize profit by enhancing performance of industrial operations.

As the new up-and-coming service provider for the heavy industry, IOMES Group is focused on the three big industries of steel, cement, water, with the long-term goal to provide for the metal, energy and waste industries as well.


IOMES Group is strategically positioned to serve the growing market of developing economies in Asia, with outreach to East Africa and Middle East. By optimizing your operations, our team of experts enable profit maximization, costs reduction and end-product quality management – whether it is for a new installation to hit peak performance as quickly as possible for the desired ROI, or for an existing plant running way below capacity to regain its competitiveness. 

All our key experts have at least 15 years of experience in heavy industry operations and maintenance in high performing plants.

Industry 4.0 | IOMES Group is partner of the MindSphere Program

As a MindSphere Silver Partner, IOMES Group Limited is a member of Siemens’ ecosystem of MindSphere partners. This means we have technical staff trained by Siemens through the MindSphere Technical curriculum, access to other MindSphere partners who can complement our own capabilities in helping our customers achieve their desired business outcomes through IoT technology generally and MindSphere specifically.

TECH-IOMES is the family of digital applications developed by IOMES Group to create digital twins of your plant processes. Discover more by following the link below.

Foundry Resource Planning Solutions

RGU.FRP ® is the digital transformation of metals casting operations

IOMES Group partners with RGU Asia for RGU.FRP ®
solutions in selected Countries (P.R. China, Vietnam, the Philippines)

We are committed to support a bumpless digitalization journey to the industries we are in. With RGU Asia we are now offering a premium solution for Foundry Resource Planning (FRP) software to enhance the performance of metals foundry operations: Foundry 4.0. Contact us for the presentation of the full features of the RGU.FRP ® solutions or follow the link to visit RGU Asia website.

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Association for Iron & Steel Technology


South East Asia Iron & Steel Institute

Federation of Hong Kong Industries

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